Ju Hong was one of six demonstrators arrested last Thursday for interrupting a meeting in which the University of California Board of Regents voted to approve Janet Napolitano’s nomination to become president of the 10-campus U.C. system.

Hong, who was born in South…

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Trayvon Was Lucky to Call Rachel Jeantel a Friend



Jeantel during the cross-examination at George Zimmerman’s trial. 


Rachel Jeantel, the 19-year-old woman who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin when he was shot by George Zimmerman, took the witness stand on Wednesday and Thursday. She testified because she was the last person to speak to Martin before he died, but Zimmerman’s defense team treated Jeantel like she had committed a crime.

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Come hang with KCRW, WYNC, WFMU, KEXP & WBUR via “Google+ Hangouts *On Air”

To be held: THURSDAY June 27th at 11am PT.

LINK: http://kcrw.com/hangout

In this day and age, it seems as though engaging your audience through social media is a more than an opportunity, it’s an expectation.

There are so many questions that come with harnessing a new platform. How do we translate the mission of public radio from on air to online? What’s our strategy and how does it change between different social media platforms? What is our personality and how do we shape our voice? How do we then measure these efforts? What does success look like?

We want to gather those of us immersed in this practice together, to answer these questions. It’s up to us to define how public radio is changing in the digital age.  

Visit kcrw.com/hangout at 11am to peek in on our conversation. We’ll be taking questions from the comments section too! Join us!


A Brief Spotlight on Cinna: The Man who set the Girl on Fire

For Cinna, fashion isn’t simply a career.  It’s a calling.  “I always channel my emotions into my work,” he says.

When it was announced that he would be styling the tributes of District 12 in the 74th Hunger Games, many Capitol observers were confused; just who was this mysterious stylist taking over District 12 duties?

Yet for Cinna it was a chance to prove himself, and this unique opportunity has paid off in spades.  After the unprecedented dual victory of Katniss and Peeta, he has become the Capitol’s most sought after designer, his iconic “girl on fire” dress quickly making him a household name.  In fact, many of the Capitol’s fashion elite wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anyone else these days.

And what surprising inspiration does Cinna credit for that fiery creation?  The coal mines of Katniss’s District 12: “What do we do with coal?” he asks.  “We burn it.”

As the entire Capitol, and the more fashionable District citizenry, awaits his next move with bated breath, the fashion phenom is playing things close to his fabulously dressed chest. When asked what’s in store for the newly-minted style guru, Cinna’s been known to simply shrug and smile coyly – silently reassuring us that whatever it is will leave us awestruck. Until then, keep twirling…

Radio Ambulante teams up with PRI’s The World - take a listen to the story of Felipe Montes and his fight to keep his kids even after his deportation. 

Discovered this gem through NPR’s Alt Latino. Camila Moreno de Chile.